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Therapeutic Topics

Mucins: Foundation of A Good Tear Film

What we know about mucins and their role in protecting the eye from ocular surface disease.

A Recipe for Better Patient Compliance

How different drug formulations and dosing regimens may help ensure that patients take their medicine.

Fight Fire With Fire With Immunotherapy

Continued exposure to an antigen may overcome an allergy, but there are still hurdles to clear before this approach is common.

Wise Choices for Ocular Diagnoses

A look at the value and utility of a range of diagnostic techniques and technology for anterior segment disease.

Systemic Rxs and Ocular AEs

When a patient is taking drugs systemically, here are the ocular adverse events to be on the lookout for.

Cool Opportunities to Modulate Nociception

A breakdown of the corneal nerves, how they’re stimulated and how dry eye, trauma and contact lenses affect them.

Dry-Eye Tests: Reading Is Fundamental

A look at the damage dry eye causes and how reading tests might be good gauges of the disease’s clinical effects.

The Modern Wisdom of Clinical Models

How models of disease, carried out in the clinic, can yield useful information about an ailment and treatments for it.

A Street-Level Look at Urban Allergy

How living in an urban environment may foster an allergic response and the potential treatments waiting in the wings.

Acupuncture: A Dry-Eye Therapy?

This ancient medical art may have some usefulness for patients seeking alternative ways to treat their disease.