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Refractive Surgery

Navigating the Gray Areas of RLE

Knowing the risk factors and how to select the right patients can help ensure safe refractive lens exchanges, say surgeons.

Optimizing Outcomes with Monovision

Making patients understand monovision and what to expect from it is half the battle, surgeons say.

Innovative Ways to Quell the Cells

Expert tips on how to avoid getting epithelial ingrowth after LASIK, and how to respond if ingrowth occurs.

New Ways to Detect Keratoconus

Looking at corneal imaging data in different ways can enhance your ability to avoid risky refractive surgery cases.

Insights from the ISRS Survey

This year’s survey shows surgeons becoming more comfortable with the array of options available for correcting astigmatism.

Malpractice: How to Stay Out of Court

There are steps you can take before and after surgery to minimize your risk of an unhappy patient who decides to sue.

Tackling the Tough Refractive Cases

These patients will put your refractive surgery skills to the test. Here’s expert advice on how to handle them.

The Dos and Don’ts of Phakic Lens Implants

These lenses can give excellent results in selected patients, but there’s both an art and a science to their implantation.

When LASIK Pain Won’t Go Away

Tips for diagnosing and managing a rarely seen but debilitating adverse event associated with the LASIK procedure.

How to Dodge Femto Flap Complications

Though these lasers have an excellent track record, surgeons need to be ready when something unwanted rears its head.