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Medicare Q & A

Covered or Noncovered? The Cataract Menu

What Medicare covers is not always clear-cut. A breakdown of cataract surgery and the rationale for who pays what.

A Delay for ICD-10– Now What?

A one-year delay in ICD-10 implementation brings up many questions for doctors and health-care organizations.

Consider This Before Joining an ACO

Patients and providers can both benefit under a Shared Savings Program alternative to the standard fee-for-service practice.

2014 Physician Quality Reporting System

National Quality Strategy Domains, Qualified Clinical Data Registry options and other changes you should know about.

A New Year Brings New Code Changes

An overview of the new ophthalmic CPT code changes, as well as changes to facility reimbursements and doctor bonuses.

Understanding NCCI Edits and Bundles

For proper reimbursement, it’s necessary to know which codes cannot be submitted together and how to use modifer -59.

Reimbursement Issues with Lasering Floaters

Most vitreous floaters do not require treatment, but for those that do, knowing the appropriate CPT codes is a necessity.

Essentials of Diagnostic Test Documentation

Diagnostic tests beyond eye exams: what constitutes an order; the difference between interpretation and report; and more.

Unanticipated Issues Implementing EHRs

A new survey suggests that electronic health records can affect productivity and introduce new errors in patient charts.

Identifying Charting And Coding Risks

Considerations to keep in mind as practices face continued charting and documentation scrutiny from government agencies.